Obama: Republicans trying to 'talk down' U.S. economy

  • © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Friday accused Republicans of trying to "talk down" the U.S. economy by painting a doomsday picture on the campaign trail and said the rhetoric used by Republican candidates was unworthy of the American people.

In remarks to reporters at the White House, Obama said there would be a debate about the budget in the coming months on issues related to policies that could raise Americans' wages.

"That's what we should be debating. That's the debate that is worthy of the American people. Not fantasy. Not name calling. Not trying to talk down the American economy," he said.

"There's a huge gap between the rhetoric that's going on out there and the reality of success that we're seeing in America's economy."

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; Editing by Eric Beech)

This article was funded in part by SAP. It was independently created by the Reuters editorial staff. SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

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